6th SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting (Danang, Vietnam | 16 - 19 October 2019)

Wednesday, 2019 October 16

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1.     Background


Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET) has been identified as one of the seven priority areas of SEAMEO Education Agenda for development in Southeast Asia, which were agreed at the Strategic Dialogue of Education Ministers (SDEM) meeting in September 2014.


To promote the internationalisation of TVET institutions, and leverage the global competitiveness and 21st century skills of TVET students in Southeast Asian countries, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) in collaboration with Ministries of Education and related Ministries and TVET institutions developed a network of TVET institutions called SEAMEO Polytechnic Network for enhancing internationalisation and partnership of TVET institutions (colleges, polytechnics and university of technologies) in the Southeast Asian region through cross-country exchange programme and other collaboration


In addition, the 3rd High Officials Meeting on SEA-TVET hosted by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia in May 2017 also recommended to improve the student mobility and suggested that the   SEAMEO Secretariat serve as a Coordinator to facilitate the implementation process of TVET Student Exchange Programme. 


Since 2018, the SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with TVET institutions, and relevant Ministries of Education and Technical Education has organised the “SEAMEO Polytechnic Meeting” twice a year as a “Meeting Platform” to discuss the implementation process and seek commitments from the participating institutions for SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme. As a result, the SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme has been implemented for 4 batches with the total number of 1,143 TVET students exchanged in 2018-2019.   


The current 4th batch is being implemented with the participation of approximately 542 students from 90 institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand and Vietnam.  






SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting


Number of Participating Institutions

Number of Student Exchange

Exchange Period

1st SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting, Brunei Darussalam, June 2016   

6 Frameworks of Cooperation were signed. 

62 participants from 6 Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand


The exchange was implemented by bilateral agreements 


2nd SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting, Chiangmai, Oct 2017 

Letter of Agreement for 1st Batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme

12 institutions from 4 countries:

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam     


Jan- Feb 2018 for

30 days

3rd SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting, Surabaya, Apr 2018

Letter of Agreement for 2nd Batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme 

49 institutions from 5 countries:  Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam     


Aug-Sept-Oct 2018 for 30 days

4th SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting, Pangasinan, Oct 2018

Letter of Agreement for 3rd    Batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme

50 institutions from 5 countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam



Jan-Feb-Mar-April 2019 for 30-90 days

5th SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting, Ipoh, Malaysia, 26-27 March 2019

Letter of Agreement for 4th  Batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme 

90 institutions from 5 countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam



Aug-Nov 2019 for 30-90 days

6th SEAMEO Network Meeting, Danang, Vietnam, October 2019 

Letter of Agreement for 5th   Batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme 

100 institutions from 5 countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam

Estimation of 400  students to be exchanged   





To evaluate and improve the collaboration of TVET institutions, the SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with Duy Tan University, Vietnam will organise the “6th SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting: Agreement for SEA-TVET Network Action Plan” at Magnolia Hotel, Da Nang City, Vietnam


In response to the recommendations from the 5th High Officials Meeting on SEA-TVET, held on 9-10 September 2019 in Brunei Darussalam, the High Officials Round Table suggested to optimise the collaboration of TVET institutions from the student mobility to the areas of Teacher Development/Exchange; and Research and Development. Therefore the 6th SEAMEO Polytechnic Meeting will expand the collaborative discussion to the mentioned areas.           



2.     Objectives of the Meeting

The 6th SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting aims to:


1)    Share and learn the successful practices of collaboration from the participating institutions;

2)    Identify the SEA-TVET Network Action Plan of 2020 to 2023 for a) Student Mobility; b) Teacher Development/Faculty Exchange, and c) Research and Development, among the participating institutions.

3)    Seek commitments from participating TVET institutions in the implementation of a) 5th batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme in 2020, b) Teacher Development/Faculty Exchange; and c) Research Development; and

4)    Strengthen partnership among participating institutions.   


3.     Host Organisation and Partners


Host Organization:               Duy Tan University, Vietnam 


Co-organiser                       SEAMEO Secretariat


4.     Date and Venue


Date:                                  16-19 October 2019

·         16 Oct 2019 (Arrival of participants) 

·         17 Oct 2019 (Workshop: 09.00-17.00 hrs)

·         18 Oct 2019 (Study Visit/ Departure of participants)

·         19 Oct 2019 (Departure of participants)


Meeting Venue:                   Magnolia Hotel
06 Le Loi, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam



Meeting Room:                    Sakura-Camellia Conference Room



5.     Participants


The meeting will be attended by approximately 120 participants from TVET Institutions/Polytechnics/Universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand; and 30 representatives from TVET Colleges/Community Colleges/ Polytechnics in Vietnam. 


Since the meeting will require the decision from the TVET institutions during the meeting, the participants should be from the management level such as Director, Deputy Director, Head of Programme, Head of International Relations, Head of Academic Affairs, and others.    


The participating TVET institutions should provide Diploma/Higher Diploma, and TVET Bachelor in the following priority study areas. 

·          Mechatronics/Electronics and Manufacturing

·          Computer Science/IT/ Informatics

·          Agriculture/Animal Science 

·          Hospitality and Tourism

·          Business    

·          Health Science


Limited Number of Participant: 

·          The host organisation can accept only 60 institutions or 120 international participants to participate in the meeting.

·          The acceptance of registration and hotel reservation will be based on a first come, first serve basis.     

·          Due to the budget constraints, the host organisation would like to request the maximum participation of 2 persons from each institution for both local and international participants. 

·          Additional participants will need to pay the registration fee of meeting package which is 70 USD/ person to Duy Tan University at the on-site registration desk on 17 October.      



6.     Expected Outcomes


1)    Experiences and lessons learned on institutional collaborations are shared.

2)    SEA-TVET Network Action Plan of 2020-2030 for a) Student Mobility; b) Teacher Development/Faculty Exchange; c) Research and Development

3)    A Letter of Agreement for the 5th batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange Programme, Teacher Development/Faculty Exchange; and Research and Development is agreed/signed at the meeting. 

4)    Bilateral agreements are signed between institutions.  


7.     Funding Support


  • The Host Organisation will support the airport transfers, meals on 17 Oct, meeting venue, and meeting kits

  • A maximum of 2 participants from each institution will be waived for the meeting package.  The additional participants from the same institution will be charged the meeting package of 70 USD per person for meals and coffee break. The payment can be provided at the on-site registration table. 

  • The travel expenses of international and local participants such as return airfare ticket, and hotel should be supported by the participant’s institution.   



8.     Focal Persons


1)    SEAMEO Secretariat


Ms Piyapa Su-angavatin: Project Officer/SEA-TVET Programme Coordinator

Mobile/Whatsapp: +66 95 165 5002 I Email: piyapa@seameo.org


Mr Nithan Tienhirun: Project Assistant

Email: tvetmeeting@seameo.org


2)    Duy Tan University


Mr. Tuan LE: General Coordination and Programme:

Mobile: +84 90 5469 433 I Email: letuan15@dtu.edu.vn / tuanle119@gmail.com


Mr. Noo Nguyen: Registration, Transportation, Meeting Venue/IT/Documentation:

Mobile: +84 93 5292 284 I Email: phuocdtu@gmail.com


Ms. Anh Nguyen: Hotel Reservation

Mobile: +84 85 6538 874 I Email: nguyenthilananh@duytan.edu.vn