SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series “Innovative Lectures during COVID-19 Pandemic” Education-Technology-Business-Hospitality-Agriculture

Tuesday, 2020 July 21

Call for Video Clips

Deadline to Submit the Video Clip: 31 July 2020



A.   Background


The SEAMEO mobility programme has been implemented annually to promote global competitiveness of students and internationalisation of institutions in Southeast Asian countries.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SEAMEO Secretariat announced the postponement of the SEAMEO Mobility programmes, including 9th batch of SEA-Techer Student Exchange, 5th batch of SEA-TVET Student Exchange, and 1st batch of SEA-TVET Teacher Exchange to be implemented in 2021 onwards.

However, based on the results of the SEAMEO COVID-19 Assessment Survey, many institutions under the SEA-Teacher and SEA-TVET Network suggested the transformation of physical exchange to be the virtual academic exchange programme in 2020.

In response to the current digital disruption and academic lockdown, the SEAMEO Secretariat is launching the “SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series” as a part of the SEAMEO Webinar Series on COVID-19 Response which SEAMEO Secretariat has organised with stakeholders, and SEAMEO Centres since April 2020 with the registration number of over 100,000 educators, teachers and students from Southeast Asia and beyond.


B.   Objectives:


The overarching objectives of the SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series are;


1.    To provide the up-to-date information of competency needs, practical skills and technological transformations in the post COVID-2019 for the study areas of Education, Technology, Business, Hospitality, and Agriculture for TVET and university learners in Southeast Asia and beyond

2.    To share innovative teaching and learning experiences and materials among institutions.

3.    To promote teacher capacity and creativity in developing effective learning materials for TVET and Higher Education students through the online platform.


C.   Themes and Sub-Themes:


Theme#1: Education


·         Innovative teaching and learning during COVID-19

·         Flexible teaching and learning methodologies

·         Smart devices/technologies for smart teaching

·         Enhance social media for teaching and learning process

·         Developing multimedia teaching materials

·         How to design the effective lab work during COVID-19

·         Emotional Intelligence development/ Guidance and Counselling

·         Mental health and psychosocial support during COVID-19


Level of Content:

·         Diploma/Bachelor

Theme#2: Technology



·         Technological revolutions in the post COVID-19

·         Industry 4.0 in practices

·         Green technology

·         Innovative multimedia

·         Mobile application

·         Virtual-based industry practices

·         Skill revolution for Engineering and Technology students


Level of Content:

·         Diploma/Bachelor


Theme#3: Business and Hospitality



·         Tourism and hospitality in the post COVID-19

·         E-Entrepreneurship/E-Commerce

·         Business trends in the post COVID-19

·         Creating start-ups during the pandemic

·         Consumers and marketing in the new normal

·         Post-pandemic digital marketing

·         Green business


Level of Content:

·         Diploma/Bachelor


Theme#4: Modern Agriculture



·         New trends of agriculture and farming in the post COVID-19

·         Smart farmers/farming

·         Regenerative agriculture

·         Urban farming/ Indoor vertical farms

·         Farm robotics

·         Soil health


Level of Content:

·         Diploma/Bachelor


D.   Guidelines for Submitting a Video Clip


      I.        Who can participate


1)    Teachers who wish to submit the video clips should be the teachers, or faculty members of TVET institutions, and universities under the SEA-TVET and SEA-Teacher network.

2)    1 Teacher can submit a maximum of 1 video clip.

3)    No limited numbers of teachers from an institution who wish to participate in video clip submission.



    II.        How to produce the video clips


1)    Teachers who wish to join this programme should produce the video/lecture clips in multimedia format for 5-7 minutes (Should not be over 7 minutes) related to the sub-themes as above.

2)    The lecture/video clips must be in English language.

3)    The lecture/video clips must be submitted in MP4 format (H264) with the minimum resolution of 720p (not over 1080p)

4)    Each video file should NOT exceed 100 megabytes (100 MB) in size.

5)    For best viewing experience, it is recommended to use 16:9 ratio while producing the video. 

6)    The content in the video clip should:

·         Be relevant to one of the theme and sub-theme as in page 2

·         Must include the training for practical skills in the clip.


7)    Introduction should include the followings:

·         Institution logo

·         SEAMEO logo

·         Teacher’s name, position, university, country, email address, social media

·         Title/topic of the clip/lecture

·         Photo of teacher


8)    At the end of video, credits and acknowledgement should be included.

   III.        How to submit the clips and deadline


1)    Deadline for submission the clips is on Friday 31 July 2020 (midnight) – strict deadline.

2)    Video clips must be submitted with the "Submission Form" to an email:

3)    The file can be submitted by using “dropbox”, “google drive” or others.


  IV.        Permission for SEAMEO to publicize the clips


Teachers should allow SEAMEO to publicize the video clips on the website, SEAMEO youtube channel, and other online platforms which are organized by the SEAMEO Secretariat such as webinars and learning events.


    V.        Criteria for selecting the clips

·         Interesting and innovative content                                      30%

·         Practical skills embedded and easy to understand         30%

·         Creativity in presentation                                                    20%

·         Usefulness and relevance                                                  20%

Total                                                                                100%


  VI.        Number of video clips to be selected for each theme

a.    Education                     12-15

b.    Technology                   12-15

c.     Business& Hospitality 12-15

d.    Modern Agriculture       12-15





E.    Certificate


·         “Certificate of Appreciation” will be provided to the teachers whose their video clips are selected for the lecture series.


F.    Timeline




1.    Announcement to teachers of SEA-Teacher and SEA-TVET network to submit the video clips


2 July 2020

2.    Deadline for teachers to submit the video/lecture clips

Friday 31 July 2020 (Midnight)


3.    Evaluation and section of video clips


1-10 August 2020

4.    SEAMEO Online Learning Events for teachers and students

(To be announced)

15 August 2020 onwards



G.   References


·         SEAMEO Online Learning Resources:


H.   Contact Details


·         Ms Ploywarin,

SEAMEO Secretariat: