2nd Young SEA-TVET Symposium with theme “Young Smart Farmers” was held by OVEC and SEAMEO on 30 Aug – 2 Sept 2017 in Pattaya

Wednesday, 2017 September 20

As a successful continuation from the 1st Young SEA-TVET Symposium in Krabi in August 2016, the 2nd Young SEA-TVET Symposium: Young Smart Farmer, which was hosted by the Officer of the Vocational education Commission (OVEC) Thailand, and co-organised by SEAMEO was held in Pattaya, Thailand on 30 August-2 September 2017. The event was held in response to improve the quality of education of teachers and students and to promote TVET innovative practices and 21st century skills of students that were highlighted during the 2nd and 3rd High Official Meeting on SEA-TVET, in May 2016 and 2017.

Approximately 250 students and teachers in Agriculture and Fisheries from 9 different nations, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, participated in the Symposium. The study areas for TVET students and teachers to participate in the Symposium included 1) Agriculture; 2) Fisheries; 3) Animal Science; 4) Plant Science; 5) Food Processing; and 6) Farm Machine/ Agriculture Engineer.

The Symposium was organized with the objectives of enhancing life skills such as innovative, technology, leadership, communication and general competencies of TVET students and teachers in Agriculture and Fisheries; promoting Global Competitiveness among the teachers and students; sharing and exchanging Research and Development and innovations in Agriculture and Fisheries; and establishing a regional networking platform to exchange innovations and best practices among teachers and students of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Several activities such as teacher and students innovative presentations, innovative group activity and competition, outdoor activities, socialised games and cultural performance were designed to reach the objectives of the symposium. Other group activities were such as beach cleaning, chicken roasting, team building activities at the Sattahip Naval Base were organised to improve life skills of students.

Outdoor Group Activities on 31 Aug 2017

A total of 30 student innovative projects on “Integration of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Agriculture” were presented by students. 20 teachers also presented “Innovation in TVET Teaching Strategies and R&D” at the symposium. 24 cultural performance on the theme of Agriculture were performed by students from 6 countries.

For this year, the theme of innovative group activity was “Improving Productivity in Traditional Farm”. 18 Group of students and 7 groups of teachers were assigned to produce the innovative product model which should be integrated with “saving energy”, “environmental friendly” and “marketable” by using several natural objects, reusable/recycled materials/ and rubbish from the beach to produce the project prototype.

30 Student Innovative R&D Presentations on “Integration of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Agriculture”

20 Teacher Innovative Presentations on “Innovation in TVET Teaching Strategies and R&D”

18 Groups of Students for Innovative Project Competition

7 Groups of Teachers for Innovative Project Competition

24 Student Cultural Performances on the theme of Agriculture

As the final program of the symposium, there was an award giving ceremony, on the Farewell Dinner for respectively for Student’s Outstanding Projects, Teacher’s Outstanding Projects, Popular Votes, and Facebook Popular “Most Shared” respectively.

The awarded projects of students were Hydropower Irrigation System, Green Lacewings Life Cycle, Seed Growing Machine, Coco-Fresh House, Eco Water and Fertilised System, Easy Farm and Natural Water Filter. The awarded projects of teachers were Digital Integrated Farm, Smart Watering System, and Multipurpose Entrap.

The popular vote awards went to “Plant without Plot” for the student project and “Natalie 4.0: Future Farm Robot” for the teacher project. The Facebook Polular winner was “Eco Water and Fertilizer System”.

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